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Shakespeare’s Pacifism

Saturday, April 18th, 1992

Renaissance Quarterly Spring 1992

Shakespeares Pacifism

The Prophet Disarmed: Milton and the Quakers

Saturday, April 18th, 1992
The Prophet Disarmed_ Milton and the Quakers

April in Paris

Thursday, April 2nd, 1992

Full five and twenty years ago
At age of twenty five
I stood with you under a tree
Making a vow to strive

Through poverty, wealth, illness and health
To keep our young love alive
In the midst of utter uncertainty
Declaring it would survive.

The howling storms of time passing
That through its limbs did drive
Compressed and twisted and darkened it
And forced it to strengthen and thrive

Till today in this city of lovers
We’ve exchanged the whole half of our lives
Like wood become coal and then diamond
Our pledge’s fulfillment arrives.