This website is the beginning of my endgame.

Since 1994, I’ve used the web to create materials for classes I’ve taught, to archive publications and other writings, and to organize and distribute photos. My website has been housed at Cal Poly University San Obispo, where various colleagues helped me develop and maintain it. Turning 63 last year, I entered the Faculty Early Retirement program, which relieved me of teaching duties during Fall Quarter. After clearing most of the files and books accumulated over the last eighteen years from my office, I started migrating some of my web activities off campus.

I produced three weblogs: Trackmarx, an account of a three-week trip my wife Jan and I took to northern Italy, Glimpses of Kenneth, a collection of materials relating to an old friend who died in November, and Ecologs, some reflections on ecological themes to model a journaling assignment I gave to students in my Ecoliterature class during the Winter quarter of 2006.

This past summer I took another step toward the new life of old age by reducing my teaching load to two courses during spring quarter only, vacating the office fully, and bringing home to my small study the books and files that survived the two-year process of document dumping. The movement of electronic assets followed suit. I discovered Flickr to be a great tool for sorting and exchanging the images I’ve accumulated, most of them digital, but also my old photos and those of my parents that need to be scanned. The three randomly changing thumbnails at the top of this page link to those images.

My aim is to do this kind of sifting of grain from chaff with the motley collection of journals and letters that fill my file cabinet. I’m content with the belief that this life is all I get. Rather than a mess to clean up, I’d like to leave behind an ordered recollection of what I’ve learned and enjoyed.

Ever since I worked with my late colleague, Doug Smith, on the Blake Multimedia Project in Hypercard in the early 1990’s, I’ve profitted from apprenticing with people more knowledgeable and skilled than me in digital rhetoric. In starting this new project I’m fortunate to have found a web designer whose creative abilities and technical skill are of the highest order. The fact that Dusty Davis is a former student and a long term friend makes the work a continual delight.

September 2006