Pastoral and Utopia English 3404x

Pastoral and Utopiasyl

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  1. Mary McGuire Says:

    Hi Steven. Thanks for the wonderful blog … and this course, which was one of the best I took at Columbia. (My paper was on the Boy Scouts concept of Utopia.. and now we see how that all turned out.. ) also ended up in western Canada shortly after graduation, and later had family living in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island. Now in Houston, working f/t and living on an acreage using tractors, etc. The pastoral living really resonated with this native New Yorker. Again, thanks for opening my eyes and enriching my life. Mary M, Columbia Engineering ‘70

  2. Steven Says:

    Hi Mary

    I discovered this comment with a shock of delight. It smashes through so many limits: 54 years to Columbia 1969, about 10 since I scanned and posted the documents, and the great blank between writer and reader. Thank you.

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