13 December 1975

Prospering, prospering: joy, peace, snug warmth.  Reading, drinking tea, sleeping, meditating on the saggy sofa by the stove.  The Ashley works better all the time.  Last night it burned 8 hours and still had three logs going this morning. The ceiling over the kitchen insulated with blankets of pink fiberglass, the holes in the floor chinked, curtains over the windows in the living room.  The house is getting tighter, cleaner.  And yesterday, unpacking woolies and a forgotten old tenor recorder and boxes of books from behind the eaves.  And Jan and Jonah making a chocolate cake.  And Janet and Martin coming to interview us about the adoption and Chantelle LeDuc playing with Jonah in the bath and upstairs.

I prepared salmon dinner and invited Janet and Martin to stay–they did–then went off to rehearsal.  It’s coming together [Free to Be You and Me] and I begin to really enjoy the play.

The moon and stars are brilliant.  Tonight is potluck dinner with our coop collective.  This morning I ran the drain from sink and bathtub to the barnyard so Jan and Jeanne will have running water during the freeze.

The wind gusts, the stove taps lightly, the mixed-in sticks of green alder hiss, the drdaft whistles low and cheerful.  The snow falls, sometimes in rare flakes, sometimes in thick clouds.  Out the window, black and white and red and green.

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