Ecolit Journal

Sycamore Glen

Crickets, meadowlark, late rain and continuing cool snap reversed the progress of the season which had been accelerated by the dry hot days following last week’s night out.  I was expecting to walk further, to overnight atop the Citadel, but I’m not into any further effort or movement.


I’m allowed to feel tired, to take a rest after six months of relentless work and anxiety about the Field Guide.  Today, after several days of frustration, I was able to print out the color proof and the black and white copy-editing text for Melody.  This is the end I’ve striven for for so long, though another will emerge as the actual publication date approaches.  The stress and drive required to bring so many parts to this point have taxed me to my limits.  And now my feet are sore and my thoughts are relaxing and my eyes are closing.


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