in Memoriam: Richard Simon

Richard Simon

November 19 1944–April 4 2005

Dick Simon taught in the English Department at Cal Poly from 1988 to 2004. He inspired respect and affection in colleagues and students. His life was celebrated at a ceremony in the College of Business auditorium, the venue that filled for years with people eager to hear his multimedia lecture presentations. Brief asbestos exposure during his college days caused his untimely death. He met it with courage and grace.

Dick’s website archives his extensive intellectual legacy as teacher and scholar. He published two books and was working on a third. His Memoir, produced during his last year and completed a month before he died, provides a 304 page illustrated retrospective of his life and times.

Richard Simon’s Website

Richard Simon’s Memoir

Publisher’s website devoted to Dick’s second book, Trash Culture: Popular Culture and the Great Tradition

Program for Memorial Celebration

Cal Poly News Obituary

Mustang Daily Obituary

Eulogy by Steven Marx

Eulogy by Dean Harry Hellenbrand

“The American Debate over Mass Culture, 1947-1960”–Draft of a chapter of the book Dick was working on at the time of his death.

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